I have been playing violin for over 30 years. For decades I have played through pain and spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the "perfect" setup. Then a few years ago I found Kreddle. It was a game changer. With near-infinite positional possibilities, I fiddled endlessly, trying to find the perfect fit. I have finally settled on the bare chin rest (no cap) but in reverse. This removes tension from my neck and allows me to be much more free and relaxed in my playing. I wish I had this 30 years ago! It's so good that I've now purchased it for every violin I own so that I am never in a place of tension again. Thank you Kreddle!

-Peter, violinist from Japan

Over almost 18 years of playing, I had always been struggling with neck and back pains that were a result of bad posture. Kreddle was by far the most valuable investment in my health and quality of performance. It provides gentle support so that my neck does not bend forward and I feel more comfortable and balanced when playing. I have been recommending Kreddle to my friends and students and wish I had found out about it earlier in my performing career. Thank you so much!

-Anastasiia, violinist at Juilliard

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most important innovation since the invention of the chin rest itself! Not only does it immediately reduce tension by forming to your body's natural shape, but it makes the instrument sound better due to the high quality, light material and minimal contact with the actual instrument. Now excuse me everybody while I go practice comfortably for the first time in...ever.

-Hanna, violinist at the Eastman School of Music

I love my Kréddle and think it's a fantastic piece of design. I had been using high chin rests for a couple of years and was hoping that the Kréddle would combine height with lightweight materials. I had no idea how important it's other features would be. I found the pitch adjustment has a profound effect on comfort and I'm sure you're aware how great the tilt and rotation are! The thing that has really, really made a difference for me though is rotating the post. I have to confess to not thinking about doing this until about 5 days into using it - I was very focused on the central/side issue and so was just placing it to the left or right and I also thought that the plate was the only thing that rotated. Well, I now have my post at 2 o'clock with more plate rotation towards the bridge and it shortens the violin! As a short person this is fantastic for me ( could be good for kids too.). Also, this is the position I've been trying to get into for the last couple of years but it just wasn't quite possible - until I got the Kréddle. I feel I am really "over" the violin which is just where I wanted to be. I imagine you can reverse this for tall people and so on.

Finally, I think I have found my natural violin holding position. Thanks Jordan.

I found the process of experimenting with the Kréddle taught me more about my bodyshape and the violin than anything else ever has and that in itself is invaluable. I found your youtube posts really clear and helpful too, as were the photos on the website.

-Emma, violinist

Thank you for your amazing chinrest. I think it's saved my career! A few months ago, I was diagnosed with a neurological condition that, among other things, sends electric shocks down my spine when I tilt my head down (as one must to hold the violin). I really thought my career was over since I couldn't play my instrument without intense pain. Kréddle alleviates that entirely. It's amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone with neck problems, or anyone who wants to prevent neck problems. I'm so grateful for your product because I really thought my performing and teaching days were through a couple months ago. Thank you!

-Karen, violinist

Dear Jordan and team, Keep being awesome! These chinrests have made me so happy that I am purchasing three more!! I had carpal tunnel surgery in December after suffering for nine years. After adjusting my kréddle, I played for an hour with no pain in either my neck or wrist! My husband and kids came out to see who was playing.

-Sara, violinist

I was using an SAS without a shoulder rest and I'd always get neck pain. This is the most comfortable chinrest I've used. I'm hopeful that it will last for years. Good job!

- Anna, Richmond Symphony violinist

I just wanted to send a quick thank you. As someone with a long neck and unsatisfied with shoulder rests, this has been perfect. My tone and posture have improved dramatically. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

- Audrey, violinist

I have been using the kréddle now for some time and feel very comfortable and secure with it. And I never cease to marvel at how much more freely my viola vibrates without a large block of chinrest wood attached to it.

- Michael, violist

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