Kréddle F.A.Q.'s
How can I order a kréddle?
You can order a kréddle and optional (extra) accessories in our online store. When you order a kréddle, you will receive everything you need to use your kréddle and to attach it to your instrument. You will also receive all 4 posts, allowing you to change the height of your kréddle.

What is the kréddle return policy?
Kréddle has a 30 day (from when you receive it) return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your kréddle within 30 days of receiving it you can request a return via the contact page. Original shipping costs cannot be refunded, and return postage is the responsibility of the customer. Even if it has been more than 30 days, please contact Kréddle, as we want you to be completely satisfied, and will do our best to figure out a satisfactory solution.

What are the shipping options?
Kréddle uses the United States Postal Service for all shipments. Domestic shipments are sent via USPS Standard (1st Class up to a pound and Parcel Select Ground over a pound - shipping 2 kréddles is under a pound - 3 is over), USPS Priority or USPS Express depending on what you select. USPS Priority typically delivers the packages within 2-3 days from the date of shipment. USPS Express typically takes 1 day (overnight) from date of shipment.

International orders are shipped via USPS Standard International. With this service, the United States Postal Service relays the package to the receiving country's postal service. From this point delivery of the package is largely up to the receiving country's postal system. For this reason, it is difficult to estimate when a package will be delivered from the date of shipment. USPS estimates delivery times are between 6-10 business days from date of shipment. If for some reason your package is returned to Kréddle, or if the tracking status indicates an "Undeliverable" package, Kréddle will send another package after confirming address information.

Shipping amounts for bulk (dealer) orders (more than 5 kréddles) are not free but rather are based on size of box and weight. The buyer needs to contact Kréddle and get a special code in order to place a bulk order.

Will I receive tracking information when my order ships?
Yes, you will receive an email from Kréddle indicating that your package was shipped, and in this email will be a link to USPS tracking information.

What does "It may take a few days to ship" mean?
This statement refers to the maximum amount of time it will take us to get your order in the mail. Normally we ship your order within 1 or 2 days from the date the order is placed. Depending on what time of day you place the order, it may even ship the same day. That said we assemble kréddles per order and we may need a few days to put everything together. We will do everything we can to get your order in the mail as soon as possible.

What is the Kréddle warranty policy?
We warrant the kréddle for 3 years from the date of purchase. The detailed terms are listed here. If you have an issue come up and it is after the 3 year period, we encourage you to contact us anyway. We want our kréddlers to remain satisfied, and will do our best to find a solution for you.

Why was my order payment declined? What should I do?
The most common reason a payment gets declined is due to a typo of either the card information or the billing address. For a payment to be successful the card information needs to match the associated billing address. For your security, our payment gateway service, which performs the credit card operations, does not let us see exactly why your payment was declined. In fact we do not even keep credit card information on our server. We are only able to see that it was declined. Our best recommendation is to try the card again double checking that there are no typos. If that still does not work, you might try another card. If that does not work, we recommend selecting the PayPal option, and using their service to run your payment information. If none of these options work, contact us and we'll see if we can find a solution.

If you receive a message that your order was declined, your payment method will NOT be charged. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to send us a message through the contact page.

We use industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for all communication of data between your computer and our servers while you are in the store section of our website. You can confirm this protection by ensuring the web address in the store section begins with "https"; the "s" in "https" means you are communicating with the server via a secure connection. You may also see a lock icon in the address bar of your browser.

How do I contact Kréddle?
We first recommend the contact page. Your information will never be added to an email list, and will never be given out.

You may also text or call the following number: 406.640.4056.

Are there any violin shops where I can try the kréddle? Can I order the kréddle from another supplier?
We have not begun working with dealers on a large scale. Currently the best place to purchase a kréddle is directly from our online store. However, we do have a 30 day return period, which should give you plenty of time to figure out whether or not the kréddle will work for you.

Why do notices that stop the order process pop up?
You may get a popup stating that there is a weak connection or the web site just doesn't work correctly. This is due to a bad connection between your computer and our server. You can try to fix this by emptying and re-filling your cart. If this doesn't work, you may need to close your browser and re-open it and start from scratch. If that doesn't work, try clearing your browser cache or use a different browser.

What is the conversion rate?
The conversion rate is the currency exchange rate compared to 1 USD and is supplied by The rates are updated every hour so the oldest the rate can be is 1 hour.

How do I change the contoured top plates?
CLICK HERE for a video of changing the top plates.

How do I keep the top plate from wobbling and making noise?
Sandwich 1/4 inch thick pieces of foam or equivalent between top plate and base as shown here.

What is the height range of the kréddle?
The kréddle adjusts between approximately 28-45mm in height; +/-2mm depending on the way you have your kréddle tilted.

Does the kréddle come with everything I need?
Yes, when you order a kréddle, you will receive everything you need to use your kréddle and to attach it to your instrument. You will also receive all 4 posts, allowing you to change the height of your kréddle. Our online store includes an "Optional Accessories" section, which gives you the option of ordering extras of various items. However, you do not need to order anything under the "Optional Accessories" section to use your kréddle; these are simply extras, in case you lose an item.

How do I assemble my kréddle?
The Kréddle Tips and How To's pdf document should answer all of your questions. You can view or download the Tips and How To's here.

Are there any resources that discuss how best to use and adjust my kréddle?
Yes, there are several resources that will provide you with ideas to explore when you get your kréddle. To start, take a look at the "Features" and "Why kréddle?" pages of the website.

View or download the Kréddle Tips and How To's pdf document. On page 9 you will find a detailed look at the Kréddle Philosophy of set up, and ideas that you can try with your kréddle.

Watch the four part Kréddle video series from a talk Jordan Hayes gave at the Lamont School of Music. The first video can be found here.

The videos introduce principles of body position, violinistic motions and the body, the way we should think about using the kréddle, as well as discussing common pit falls of set up with ordinary chin rests.

What should I do if I lost my hex key?
The hex keys that come with your kréddle are 2.0mm Hex PLUS keys. The Hex PLUS keys are a modified hex key design that helps reduce the chances of stripping out the screw head. For this reason we strongly recommend against using regular non-PLUS hex keys most commonly found at hardware stores. If you are able to find 2.0mm Hex PLUS keys locally than you should be fine. We also sell extra hex keys under the "Optional Accessories" section of our online store page.

What should I do if the cork on my kréddle has come off or slips around?
There are several options to fix this rare issue:

If your cork pad is still intact, and for the quickest solution, we recommend the following:

The original adhesive can sometimes stop sticking to the cork, and sometimes will continue to stick to the kréddle itself. Look carefully at the area of the kréddle the cork attaches to; do you see a slight film or feel a sticky residue? If so, use a fingernail to scrape this old adhesive off. You might try using rubbing alcohol to help this process along, but scraping it off shouldn't be too hard just by hand. Once you've removed the old adhesive, we recommend the Loctite Gel Control Super Glue. It is available at most hardware stores. You only need a small bead of glue on the kréddle base, then apply the cork, lining up the edges. This should work well.

If your cork pad is destroyed or unsuitable, we can mail you a new cork piece or replace your base-clamp. Please contact us through the contact page. We recommend you attach a photo of the issue when you send the message so that we can figure out how best to help.

Will the kréddle help left handed players too?
The fully adjustable nature of the kréddle means that the perceived feel to any player, right or left handed, is highly customizable. Typical chin rests have a cup contour that clearly favors right handed players, but the kréddle is a completely different concept. We designed the kréddle with a comparatively non-committal contour, and in any case, the fact that you can adjust every angle, means that the "contour" is also customizable. We would be surprised to find another chin rest that could give left handed players more options.

Is the kréddle designed to move while I play, or can it be locked in to place?
The kréddle is designed to be locked into a stationary position after you have adjusted it to your needs. However, you could choose to explore having the kréddle move with you while you play; make sure not to drop the instrument though.

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