5-axis Adjustment

The kréddle allows unequaled customization. Each angle of adjustment performs a different function in violin and viola playing. By combining all aspects of adjustment the kréddle will help you harmonize all aspects of your playing.

360° Lateral Rotation

With the Kréddle, you finally get to choose how far over the top of the violin your chinrest hovers. This means that the Kréddle actually helps you keep your scroll up. All conventional chinrests sit right at the back edge of the violin. But notice what happens when you gradually raise the scroll: eventually your chin is over the top of the violin. The Kréddle moves with your chin, so you’ll finally have a chinrest that actually helps you keep your scroll from drooping!

360° Rotation

Ever have a hard time keeping your bow straight for the whole bow stroke? That's probably because your chinrest isn't letting you choose the best angle of the violin for you. If you're like me and have longer arms, you'll probably need to swing the scroll of the violin a little more to the left of center. Whereas, if you have a shorter bow arm, looking straight down the violin strings will give your arm more length in relation to the violin. The point is, with the kréddle you get to choose how the angle of the violin, the bow, and the length of your bow arm relate to each other. This angle has everything to do with bow technique, and thus, musicality.


The kréddle provides an unprecedented level of tilt adjustment. We use tilt to mean the angle of adjustment observed when you rotate the violin around the length of the fingerboard. This angle of adjustment allows the violinist to find just the right relationship between the violin and the bow, the bow and the arm, and the arm to the body. The implications this angle of adjustability has for the health and practical playing concerns of violinists and violists cannot be overstated.


The pitch angle can be understood as the rotational motion that occurs when an airplane sweeps its nose up and down while at the same time the tail of the plane does the opposite with the wings as the fulcrum. Adjusting the pitch of the kréddle allows the violinist to customize the grip their chin has on the chinrest. Rotating the front of the kréddle downwards provides the violinist with a ridge to grip with their jaw bone. Rotate the kréddle the other direction and you can soften the ridge--the result: no more using the violin as an excuse for that hicky on your neck. The kréddle chinrest allows the violinist to find the perfect balance between security and comfort.


Having the ability to adjust chinrest height, will, in our opinion, be the single most important accomplishment of the kréddle. This will give players with necks of all different lengths the ability to find the perfect height for their chinrest. It will allow all violinists the capacity to feel the stability provided by having the violin sit on the collar bone--a violinists real point of stability--while not having to worry about how to fill in the gap between the top of the chinrest and their chin. The kréddle can adjust between approximately 28 - 45mm in height using four interchangeable post sizes. The height will vary +/-2mm depending on how the kréddle is tilted.

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