kréddle CHIN REST
The only fully adjustable chin rest
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Adjustable Kreddle Chin Rest
kréddle CUSHION
A collarbone pad
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Kreddle Cushion

Welcome to the Kréddle Community--a worldwide group of musicians dedicated to the quest of finding healthy positions and movement patterns that work in harmony with each player's unique qualities. At Kréddle we believe that simply having the fully adjustable kréddle is not enough; we also need to know how to integrate the kréddle into our lives. The phrases collected below articulate discoveries, beliefs, & ideas to contemplate while exploring the paradigm-shifting dynamic capabilities of the kréddle.
The Kreddle Credo. Secure does not mean static; it means dynamic poise. Challenge yourself to find balance--there is no need to clench. Don't hold the fiddle; dance with it. Be a persistent explorer. Your body is the supreme guide--listen carefully. Visualize your holistic ideal, and let no tool, idea, or naysayer block the way. Embrace your freedom to choose. Move away from reactive bargaining and towards proactive experimentation. Defend your right to play without pain. No pain, no gain, has no place. Crown of head reaches to the sky. Shoulders relax. Proud sternum. Shoulder blades hug the back. Fiddle balances on collarbone. This is home. This is where we move from and return to. Now breathe.
Violin with chinrest.
The revolutionary Kréddle requires revolutionary ideas.

To learn more about how to integrate the kréddle into your playing, explore the resources below.

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