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A collarbone pad
Kreddle Cushion
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What does the kréddle CUSHION do?

The two most common obstacles to playing without a shoulder rest are: 1) the edge of the instrument feels hard and sharp, and 2) the instrument will want to slip away from the collarbone. The kréddle CUSHION is designed to fix both of these problems. However, the CUSHION is not meant to directly replace a shoulder rest; it’s meant instead to help reestablish the most important connection to the instrument that is lost when a shoulder rest is used-namely the connection to the collarbone.

Shoulder rests tend to break the instrument-collarbone connection by lifting the instrument. They therefore produce a seesaw-like weight transfer which is inherently unstable, and which requires excessive use of static muscle engagement. Over time these static positions often end up causing more pain and injury than they fix. The CUSHION is for players who recognize the benefits of more dynamic motion in the musculature, and who are prepared to move from the statically fixed feeling shoulder rests produce, to the inherently flexible and also potentially disorienting feeling of playing with no shoulder rest. Please note that the CUSHION, like all other tools, is not magical, and the transition from with a shoulder rest to without will likely take some time and patience. For anyone used to playing without a shoulder rest however, the addition of the CUSHION will likely be immediately pleasant.

Some players use the CUSHION in conjunction with a shoulder rest. We need more experience with this set up to comment more, but certainly do whatever seems to work best for your playing!

For more information about how the CUSHION integrates into violin & viola playing, see the video of CUSHION features below.

Features include
Available in Four Colors
Kreddle Cushion Colors
Kreddle Cushion Cutout
3D rendering showing how the CUSHION installs using a common chin rest bracket
Kreddle Cushion Cutout

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